About Us

Hola, Said Lola is a sister-owned brand producing handmade clothing, jewelry, and crochet scrunchies in the heart of Negros Island, Philippines.

Each of our pieces is lovingly designed from scratch. For every new collection, we challenge ourselves to think up new ways of executing ideas in as sustainable and original a manner as possible. This means creating less pieces, maximizing value, and having many home interactions turn into impromptu business meetings. At the moment, our full production and marketing process is largely kept in-house. This means that many of our products take a lot of time to make and every single one is special. 

Each purchase supports an ethos of local craftsmanship and artistry inspired by the beauty of the Filipina.


Hola Said Lola is an homage to our Lolas (Lola is grandmother in Filipino) who are both creative individuals in their own right. Our maternal grandmother’s dexterity and unfailing eyesight allowed her to sculpt beautiful vases and bake intricate pastries in her prime. She now charitably devotes her time to hand-making rosaries. Our paternal grandmother was a jewelry-maker in the 80s. She continued to be a creative spirit until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2008. “Hola” is one of the only words left in her vocabulary, but in every “hola” is an almost palpable “welcome home,” “nice to see you,” and “I love that you are here.”